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Trade Show Networking Spells Business Success

Trade Show Networking Spells Business Success - Marketing Coordinators

Did you know that attending a trade show or exhibiting at a convention could increase your business by up to 80 per cent? In a recent survey of almost 2000 businesses in Sydney, a marketing company found that the majority of businesses experienced dramatic increases in their business opportunities following a trade show or similar event. A few companies said the business growth had been exponential within the three months after the event with businesses showing up to an 80 per cent increase in sales or profits from one show.

Exhibiting your company is an excellent marketing opportunity and allows your business to meet many potential leads and even make many sales. People attending trade show and exhibitions are actively looking to purchase products and services from the industry, which means that you are marketing to people who already are in your target or niche.

However, business growth from exhibiting does not only come from people purchasing your products or services on the day. Following up on the sales leads generated from the event is essential. Most of the businesses saw an increase in sales for more than three months after the trade show, so the show itself can be tip of the iceberg in developing strong business relationships with potential customers.

More importantly, the survey discovered that the business leaders who saw the most business growth after a trade show event were the ones who actively networked with other attendees.

Networking throughout the exhibition or convention can be as important as handing out brochures or providing product information at your exhibition stand. By building relationships with other attendees, you open the door to possible joint ventures, cross referrals, and other markets where mutual assistance and benefits makes it possible for your business to grow.

By visiting all the exhibition stands within the trade show, you can meet and build relationships with suppliers and industry experts who can help your business to grow, as well as simply meeting potential customers.

One of the major benefits of continuing to network throughout the trade show or convention is that you draw more people to your exhibition stand. People who receive your business card in the course of the event are more likely to visit your stand and to take notice. The consistent branding and marketing of your logo continues with the design of your exhibition stand and this means people who attend the conference are far more likely to remember your company and products.

While designing an exhibition stand is an important part of the success of attending any exhibition or trade show, the networking that you and your staff achieve during and following the event can be just as important. When designing your exhibition stand, keep in mind you want to create opportunities to network with suppliers and industry experts, as well as gather potential sales leads from exhibiting at a trade show.