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What Value Are You Adding? Interest Piquing Questions That Add Value and Get You the Sale

What Value Are You Adding? Interest Piquing Questions That Add Value and Get You the Sale - Marketing Coordinators

There are some positions in companies where people get called daily from vendors. The tireless middle-management positions that get hounded from people offering this product or that service that will "help" them. Most of them get sent automatically to voicemail by the faithful receptionist. Between the receptionist and the decision maker they field 100's of calls weekly that will never result in a sale.

One of those calls may be yours. Maybe your "marketing" department gave you a new tri-fold flyer and you were told to share with prospects. Maybe you were told by the sales manager to tell your prospects about a great new feature that you can offer that your competition can't.

While the new flyer might keep marketing busy and the new feature can make management feel like they are helping you, neither will get you the sale. Just think for a moment, when was the last time you handed a prospect a new brochure or flyer that highlighted a new "feature" and it landed you the sale? Honestly, maybe 1 in 1000?

A flyer/brochure or a new feature won't do the selling for you. In fact if you are counting on that then you might as well send in your resignation. You can't count on tricks or flashy flyers to do the selling for you. To get the attention of the receptionist and the decision maker requires adding value. You can't take all day to add value (I would argue you have less than 2 minutes) and you better get to the point of how your value is unique.

Adding value with your questions means poking at your customer's pain and giving them a way to alleviate that pain. Just take the industry of providing telecommunications services to small business owners. Most owners just pay their bill and are unaware how they could save, and even if they could save, they don't want the hassle of changing to save a few bucks a month.

Instead of pitching them on how easy it could be, the savings, etc, consider asking them a question like "would it help your business to save 15% monthly if it only took 15 minutes of your time?"

A question like the above piques the interest and will enable the prospect to see how you are watching out for their interests. I invite you to stop guessing and get the shortcut on questions that will get you more sales today. Dive in and get 67 interest piquing questions in my powerful, video powered, free sales course on Questions that Sell - .

Todd Bates is a national Marketing and Business coach. Through his programs, such as Todd Bates Systems, he shares innovative systems to help businesses owners and sales professionals dramatically grow their sales.

His systems cover a broad base from sales conversion to marketing on a budget. The strategies that he shares have enabled him to net over 1 million dollars a year since the age of 24.