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Why Is Telemarketing Expensive

Why Is Telemarketing Expensive - Marketing Coordinators

Many people say that telemarketing is expensive.

Most telemarketing companies charge anything from £150 per day up to over £600 per day.

Looking at the breakdown of these costs, telemarketing cannot really be considered to be all that expensive.

The costs of telemarketing

    The first cost would be the cost of the business you are engaging. They have their own overheads, managerial costs, cars, directors, holiday pay, salaries etc. The second cost would be the member of staff making the calling. This member staff could be on £20,000 per annum plus benefits - so this also needs to be factored in. Training is big part of telemarketing. The telemarketing company would need to either have internet training courses (which can range from 1 week upwards) or outsource it to a training company. Recruitment costs for finding staff can be very high. Telemarketing is a difficult job and requires someone to call for 7 hours of the day (which is not an ideal job for anyone). The staff turnover for telemarketing is very high, so there will be continual costs involved in recruitment.

So considering the cost is not just 1 person making 60-100 calls a day for you, but the salary for that person, training, recruitment and overheads of the agency. The telemarketing companies need to make a profit (which also needs to be factored in after all other costs and bonuses).

All telemarketing agencies charge differently, so as day rates can vary so much, it is worth shopping around to find the right agency for needs.

One other thing to consider is the level of 'caller' that will be working on your behalf. If you are going to have a 17 year old that has just left school, full of confidence with no experience, this may be cheap. If you are going to have a seasoned sales person that has 15+ years of calling experience, this may cost more.

Marketing has never been a cheap thing to do, but has been successful. Engaging a telemarketing company may seem expensive on the outside, however once you factor in all the above, it is fairly simple to explain where the costs go thus making it understandable.

If you were to handle the telemarketing internally (which many companies do prefer) then you will encounter similar issues regards recruitment, training and staff retention.

There are over 600 telemarketing companies around the UK so it is worth comparing a few to find the best and most cost effective solution.

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