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Why Its Important to Have a Dynamic Buzzy Office Environment For Your Telesales Team_8
Why Its Important to Have a Dynamic Buzzy Office Environment For Your Telesales Team

Why Its Important to Have a Dynamic Buzzy Office Environment For Your Telesales Team - Marketing Coordinators

It's really important you create a dynamic atmosphere with your telesales team. Winning teams look and sound and behave different to other teams. You may feel that the feeling of success and the buzz comes from the success itself. But there's no reason why you shouldn't encourage the team to produce this energy themselves. This is one common theme with team audits that we carry out on teams - where we go and listen in to them for 2 hours while they talk to customers on the phone.

In one report for a Birmingham client in metal manufacturing we wrote "Consider working on some more 'jazzy' ideas for making it feel more like a sales office. We could work on this with the team collectively."

Teams often have whiteboards in the office to record something, but it's often not in real time. One car company we visited in September (2009) had a whiteboard divided up into sections with each persons name down the left. It was titled Targets 2008! And there were no numbers anywhere on the board! Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! Instead use your whiteboard to monitor activity and give feedback to your team.

Having a series of KPIs (key performance indicators) is another important part of this. Every member of the team needs to know how they're doing against what the company requires. Again in realtime, not just at the end of the month. How can a person be motivated if they don't know how they're doing?

Campaigns, and incentives are all part of this. It is said that a week is a long time in politics. Well if that is true - a day can be a long time in the life of a phoner. So run daily campaigns for the team. This could be some form of adapted board game or prizes from a pot. One of the most effective campaigns we ran was where each member of the telemarketing team could select a prize from a box each time they generated a sales appointment. All the gifts were wrapped in newspaper so no-one knew what they were. Then around lunchtime, once the prizes had all been distributed, each time another appointment was set, the team member could 'steal' on the of prizes from a colleague. Boy did that get them going!

There are many more ideas about motivating your team through creating the right atmosphere, and if you think your team would benefit from some more structured working and an injection of energy, set aside some time to come up with some ideas. Get them involved too. They'll appreciate the chance to contribute and you get more buy-in.

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